Framing Kits

Self Framing kits

Picture Frame Self Fitting kit

£ 64 .97
£ 55 .99

A kit designed for the minimalist, no need for bulky equipment, simply buy frames pre made and fit your artwork into the frame with a professional finish every-time.

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Chop & Router Framing Kit

£ 308 .97
£ 299 .00

This kit is ideal to use in conjunction with the chop and router services offered by All About Framing – where you can purchase frames that have been cut to size and joined for you. Use the items in this bundle to cut your mounts, glass and backing, then assemble your frame.

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Full Frame Build kits

Home Starter Framing Kit

£ 767 .95
£ 755 .00

A perfect picture framing kit for craftspeople wanting to assemble frames from scratch in the comfort of their own home. This bundle provides everything you need to assemble the frame at every stage. Maximum frame size: 80cm

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Home Starter Framing Kit Plus

£ 907 .94
£ 889 .00

This picture framing kit is ideal for larger projects, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This bundle is similar to the home starter framing kit in that it provides everything you need to assemble the frame at every stage, however, the mount cutter has been upgraded to the large 450-1 Artist elite…

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Home Starter Framing Kit Max

£ 1312 .93
£ 1249 .00

This kit is perfect for the Artist, Photographer or hobbyist who wants to take their work seriously and create a high quality frames without the need for an entire workshop set up. This bundle is similar to the Home starter kit Plus, however, it comes with an additional Mitre trimmer and Measuring systeming, as well…

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Canvas kits

Canvas Stretching Kit

£ 103 .53
£ 95 .00

If you’re looking to stretch your own canvases, then this kit is for you! Complete with all the tools to trim, stretch and staple your canvas to a stretcher bar. A great idea for artist who would like to offer a truly personal touch by building their own canvases to paint on from scratch.

£ 103 .53
£ 95 .00
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Material & Supplies bundles

Picture Frame Packing & Shipping Bundle

£ 25 .95
£ 22 .99

This picture framing packaging bundle is ideal for anyone looking to package and transport picture frames. It provides a one size fits all solution where the corners of the frame are protected by cardboard corners and the surface of the frame is covered in a thin plastic film to prevent scratching.

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Basics of Framing Supplies Pack

£ 47 .94
£ 41 .99

This supplies pack brings together all the small items required when putting a frame together. You may have thought about the tools and equipment but you won’t be able to assemble your frame without the items in this pack. Be sure to grab this pack so you can get started on your frame!

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Basics of Framing Material Starter Pack

£ 56 .34
£ 50 .99

This pack is perfect for anyone who has just completed our Basics of Framing course or is new to framing and wants to start framing their own artwork. This pack contains the same materials we use in our Basics of Framing course. The moulding frame, mount boards, and backing are all easy to work with…

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General Framers Toolbox kits

The Picture Framers’ Toolbox Essentials

£ 58 .50
£ 49 .99

Here are the top 10 items that every framer needs when working on a picture framing project. From accurate measuring to safety gear worth investing it, you’ll find everything you need in this bundle.

£ 58 .50
£ 49 .99
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