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Chop service

What you need to know

Massive selection of mouldings to choose from

A picture frame (moulding) is the material that surrounds a painting or other work of art. You can choose from a variety of colours, styles and profiles to find the perfect moulding for your artwork.

Measure your artwork, then place your order!

Provide us with your desired glass size, we will then perfectly cut your frame to your exact measurements.
Need help finding your glass size? check out our quick guide below

Use our Easy Joining Solution (router service) to get perfect corner joins

Our easy joining solution (router service) allows anyone to join a frame, there is no need to be an expert carpenter or have expensive tools. All you have to do is apply glue and hammer in the tabs.

We guarantee 100% quality

Every order that we cut and route is inspected by two members of our team, to ensure that it meets our high standards.
If you do find any issue with your order, our team will be quick to send a replacement immediately.

How to find the glass size for popular frame styles

Glass size for artwork without a mount

This is by far the most straight forward measurement to find.

Step 1: Grab a ruler and something to make notes with!

Step 2: Put your artwork on a clean flat surface and measure the width and height to the closest mm. These measurements are the glass size for your frame

* When measuring your art be aware that roughly 5mm either side will be covered by the frame/Moulding rebate*

For example:
Artwork size: 175mm  x 134mm 
Glass Size measurement will be = 175mm x 134mm

Glass size for artwork with a mount

Step 1: Measure your artwork’s width and height to the closest mm.

Step 2: Subtract about 5mm from the width and height measurement you have just done and this will provide your aperture.

Step 3: Decide how big your mount border will be, remember that 5mm of each side will be hidden by the frame.

Step 4: Add up the measurements to get your glass size

For example:
Artwork size: 500mm  x 400mm
Subtract 5mm for aperture dimensions: 495mm x 395mm
Mount board border size: 50mm + 50mm 
Glass Size = 595mm x 495mm

Glass size for canvas and float frames

Step 1: Measure the Canvas, be precise.(mm)

Step 2: Decide on how much air you would like around the canvas. 10mm is standard for each side of the canvas.

(Air refers to the gap between the moulding and the canvas)

Step 3: Add up the measurements to get your glass size. Remember, If you’re aiming to have 10mm air all around, you would need to add 20mm to your width and height measurement.

For example:
Canvas Measurement: 600mm x 800mm
Air/Gap: 10mm both sides
Glass size for canvas  = 620mm x 820mm

Build your frame in 3 steps!

1. Measure

2. Order

Choose your moulding, enter your glass size and choose if you would like our Easy Joining Solution (router service) and a 2mm tolerance added.

3. Build

How to build your frame

Bespoke framing service

Looking for something a little more professional?

Why not book an appointment to talk to one of our Framing consultants, who will be able to help you choose the perfect frame for your masterpiece.


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What is glass size?

Glass size is the total width and height of the frame contents, including the subject/art, any border created through mounts and the 5mm overlap required for the moulding to prevent the contents falling out.

What is a moulding?

Moulding is a length of wood, aluminium or plastic designed to be mitre-cut to form picture frames. A huge array of designs is available, in varying widths, depths and finishes like; painted, embossed, laminated, veneered or gilded designs, many are sold unfinished so that framers can apply their own finishes and flourishes by hand

Is there a size limit?

Yes, for delivery 1800mm by 1800mm or less
For store collection 2700mm by 2700mm or less

What do I get with my Chop service order?

In the package you will find four expertly cut and mitred pieces of your chosen moulding.
If you selected our Easy Joining Solution (router service), in addition to the moulding, we provide glue, cleaning cloth and the 4 inserts for joining your order.

Why do you add a 2mm tolerance?

2mm tolerance is a standard concept in the framing industry where the framer will cut your measurements 2mm bigger than requested. This allows for your contents going into the frame to fit perfectly.

How long does the service take?

The chop & router service generally takes 1-2 working days, with an additional day for shipping if necessary.
If a moulding is unavailable, this can delay the process by 2-3 days.
A staff member will notify you of any delays at the earliest chance.

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