Basics of Framing Supplies Pack

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This supplies pack brings together all the small items required when putting a frame together. You may have thought about the tools and equipment but you won’t be able to assemble your frame without the items in this pack. Be sure to grab this pack so you can get started on your frame!

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By simply ordering this pack, you can save a massive amount of time hunting around the website and save yourself a bit of money in the process. All of these items are used on our Basics of Framing course when putting the frame together. They are also used by our professional framers when completing work for our bespoke framing clients so we know these supplies are the right items for the job.


This pack includes:

1 x Edding 9 Touch Up Marker – black
1 x Wood Joining PVA Glue – 250ml
1 x PH7-70 Self Adhesive Hinging Tape – 25mm x 66 metre roll
1 x Nil Glass Cleaner Spray – 500ml
1 x Glass Cleaning Cloths – 5 pk
1 x Frame Backing tape 50mm x 50 metre roll
1 x Steel Screws 13mm Zinc Plated – 50 pk
1 x D Rings Standard Nickel (1 hole)- 50pk
1 x No. 2 Picture Framing Cord – 20 metres


What is everything for?

Edding 9 Touch Up Marker (Black) – Used to colour the inside edge on the mitred moulding, to prevent the natural wood colour showing through the corner joins.

Wood Joining PVA Glue – Add a spot of PVA glue to the corner joins before joining the frame together. This improves the strength of the frame.

PH7-70 Self Adhesive Hinging Tape – Used for securing the artwork to the Mount Board. The “Hinging Method” is a popular style, for instructions visit “How to Mount a picture”

Nil Glass Cleaner Spray & Glass Cleaning Cloths (5pk) – Used to clean the glass before assembling it into the frame.

50mm Frame Backing tape – Used to seal up the back of the frame, preventing any dust from getting into the frame.

Steel Screws 13mm, D-rings nickel, No. 2 Picture Framing Cord – Used to create a hanging method on the back of the frame so it can be hung.


For more information on using these products, please visit our handy hint page 

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