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This kit is perfect for the Artist, Photographer or hobbyist who wants to take their work seriously and create a high quality frames without the need for an entire workshop set up. This bundle is similar to the Home starter kit Plus, however, it comes with an additional Mitre trimmer and Measuring systeming, as well as an upgraded Mount cutter to the Logan 550-1 simplex Classic. A Kit designed to easily create perfection.

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This kit is perfect for the Artists, Photographers or hobbyists who want to take their work seriously and create high quality frames without the need for an entire professional workshop set up. This bundle contains everything you need to make a picture from scratch, including cutting the mount, frame, glass and backing, and assembling them all together.

What sets this kit apart from the others is the Mitre Trimmer, used to trim the mitred corner for a perfect join, and an upgrade to the 550-1 Simplex classic mount cutter which has a squaring arm to again ensure perfection when cutting mounts.

Maximum frame size: 100cm

The Items in this kit are:

1 x Logan 550-1 Simplex Classic Mount Cutter
1 x Nobex Promaster Framing Kit
1 x Nobex Promaster Replacement Blade
1 x Mitre Trimmer
1 x Mitre Trimmer Measuring System
1 x Logan Studio Joiner
1 x Toyo Glass Cutter
1 x Logan 40″ Adapt-a-Rule
1 x Tab Gun
1 x Tab Gun Tabs


What are these items used for?

Logan 550-1 Simplex Classic Mount Cutter – This mount cutter can be used to cut mounts for picture frames, as well as cutting down backing board. It will cut mounts up to 101cm (external mount size), comes with a built in Squaring arm and a pull cutter which helps to improve cutting quality.

Nobex Promaster saw and replacement blade – The Nobex mitre saw is perfect for the “at home” workshop where it can be easily moved around due to its light weight. Unlike electric saw models this hand saw does not have a motor, this means that the saw will not send sawdust flying through the air, instead, the dust will just accumulate under the saw and can easily be hoovered up. This saw can cut at a variety of angles, and also comes with an arm clamp and extension measuring arm.

Mitre trimmer & measuring System – The mitre trimmer and measuring system allows you to get a perfect mitre cut everytime. The Nobex saw is used to cut the Moulding(frame), and then the mitre trimmer is used to trim the ends of the moulding for a perfect finish. This creates a much easier process when joining the moulding together and results in a professional finish.

Logan Studio Joiner –  The Studio joiner is a small table top joiner which allows you to easily join frame corners together. It comes with 200 v-nails

Toyo Glass Cutter – Used for cutting 1, 2 or 3mm glass for picture frames. Simply score your cut line and snap with your finger tips.

Logan 40″ Adapt-a-Rule – This rule can be used at multiple stages in the framing process and is an essential for the majority of tasks. It can be used for all general measuring on one side and the back of the rule has a flat straight edge, allowing you to use it as a guide when cutting glass. (Size: 40″ / 101cm)

Tab gun & Tab Gun Tabs – The tab gun is designed to insert small pointed tabs into the rebate of the frame, this then holds all of the contents of the frame in place.


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