Picture Frame Self Fitting kit

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A kit designed for the minimalist, no need for bulky equipment, simply buy frames pre made and fit your artwork into the frame with a professional finish every-time.

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This bundle comes with everything you need to fit your artwork into pre made frames.
The majority of the time the most expensive part of framing is the framer’s labour time spent fitting the artwork into the frame. By purchasing a few small items in this bundle, you will have everything you need to frame your artwork yourself – thus saving time and money.

These Items are:

1 x Tab gun
1 x Tab Gun Tabs  – Flexible (2500)
1 x PH7-70 Self Adhesive Hinging Tape (66 metres)
1 x Glass Cleaning Cloths – 5pk
1 x Glass Cleaner
1 x 50mm Frame Backing tape

What are these Items used for?

Tab gun & Tab Gun Tabs – The tab gun is designed to insert small pointed tabs into the rebate of the frame, this then holds all of the contents of the frame in place.

PH7-70 Self Adhesive Hinging Tape – Used for securing the artwork to the Mount Board. The “Hinging Method” is a popular style, for instructions visit “How to Mount a picture”

Glass cleaner & Glass cleaning cloths – Used to clean the glass before assembling the frame.

50mm Frame Backing tape –  Used to seal the back of the frame to prevent dust and bits getting into the frame.


For more information on “How To Assemble A Frame” visit our handy hint page 


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