The Picture Framers’ Toolbox Essentials

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Here are the top 10 items that every framer needs when working on a picture framing project. From accurate measuring to safety gear worth investing it, you’ll find everything you need in this bundle.

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To find out what tools and gear are most helpful when picture framing, we asked a number of our professional framers what items in their tool box they found most useful. This bundle of items is what they came back with.

Items included in this kit are:

1 x Contour Knife
1 x Contour Knife Blades – 10pk
1 x 900 mm Steel Rule
1 x 150mm Steel Rule
1 x Bradawl Point
1 x Burnishing Bone
1 x Putty Rubber
1 x Tape Measure – 3 Metres
1 x Kevlar Gloves (glass handling)
1 x Glass Marker Pen


What is each item used for?

Contour Knife & Blades – All general trimming of paper, tape and boards

900 mm Steel Rule – For accurately measuring work

150mm Steel Rule – For when small measuring is required

Bradawl – To create an indentation in the back of the frame in order for the easy insertion of the screws when applying the hanging fixings

Burnishing Bone – The little tool has two ideal purposes. Used to smooth over the tape that secures the artwork to the mount board as using just your finger can heat the tape damaging its long term life. It is also used to smooth over rough edges or over cuts in materials like the mount board.

Putty Rubber – Used to removed marks from sensitive surfaces like Mount board.

Tape Measure (3 metres) – Perfect for bigger projects where your 900mm rule just doesn’t reach and general measuring.

Kevlar Gloves (glass handling) – A must for when handling glass. The smallest spec of glass can cause bleeding which not only can hurt but risks the chance of bleeding onto your artwork!

Glass Marker Pen – A small point marker pen that can have multiple uses including marking glass for cutting. Its small marker tip makes it ideal for accurate markings and it’s easily wiped away on glass after use.

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