Learn the basics of framing with
Nick in Manchester

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High wycombe

Learn the basics of framing with
Linette in High Wycombe

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Learn the basics of framing with
Nick in Manchester

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High wycombe

Learn the basics of framing with
Linette in High Wycombe

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Topics covered Basics of Framing Art & Photo Weekend
Identifying the key elements of a framed picture.
How to cut a standard mount using specialised tools, for the mounting of a picture.
Basic methods for attaching a picture to the mount.
Cutting picture mouldings and joining them to create a frame for the mounted picture.
Cutting the glass and backboard to fit the frame.
Assembling the framed picture, including sealing the picture back and adding a hanging cord
Explore the different presentation and displaying techniques available when mounting a picture.
Discover and choose the right mount & style for your artwork.
Learn how to cut double mount.
Learn how to cut shadow mounts.
Learn how to float mounts.
Learn how to plan & cut a multi-aperture mount with several openings for a group of photos.

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Do you need moulding, glass, mount board, conservation or backing board cut to size for a project?
All cutting services orders are cut and checked by our expert team.

Material Cutting Services

Take advantage of our material cut to size services, all you need to do is measure and fill out the forms

Chop Service

Choose from any moulding in our range and get it cut perfectly to size.
We offer router and joining services for all Chop service mouldings!

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cut to size

Full range of colours, thicknesses and different core options all cut to the size you need, we can even cut the aperture for you!

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Glazing & Backing cut to size

Save space and time by getting your glazing, backing and conservation board cut to size

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How to build your chop service frame

What materials do we use?

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What do I get with my chop service order?

In the package you will find four expertly cut and mitred pieces of your chosen moulding.
If you selected our Easy Joining Solution (router service), in addition to the moulding, we provide glue, cleaning cloth and the 4 inserts for joining your order.

Is there a size limit?

Yes, for delivery 1800mm by 1800mm or less
For store collection 2700mm by 2700mm or less

Why do you add a 2mm tolerance?

2mm tolerance is a standard concept in the framing industry where the framer will cut your measurements 2mm bigger than requested. This allows for your contents going into the frame to fit perfectly.

What is a moulding?

Moulding is a length of wood, aluminium or plastic designed to be mitre-cut to form picture frames. A huge array of designs is available, in varying widths, depths and finishes like; painted, embossed, laminated, veneered or gilded designs, many are sold unfinished so that framers can apply their own finishes and flourishes by hand

What is glass size?

Glass size is the total width and height of the frame contents, including the subject/art, any border created through mounts and the 5mm overlap required for the moulding to prevent the contents falling out.

How long does the service take?

The chop & router service generally takes 1-2 working days, with an additional day for shipping if necessary.
If a moulding is unavailable, this can delay the process by 2-3 days.
A staff member will notify you of any delays at the earliest chance.

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