Canvas Stretching Kit

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If you’re looking to stretch your own canvases, then this kit is for you! Complete with all the tools to trim, stretch and staple your canvas to a stretcher bar. A great idea for artist who would like to offer a truly personal touch by building their own canvases to paint on from scratch.

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If you’re looking to stretch your own canvases, then this kit is for you! This set comes with everything you need to trim, stretch, and staple your canvas onto a stretcher bar. It’s perfect for artists who want to create completely unique paintings by building their own canvases from scratch as well.

We use the same high-quality tools in our Bespoke Framing department, so we know firsthand how well they work. These tools allows us to create beautiful, handmade custom sized canvases for our clients every time.

The items in this kit are:

1 x Canvas Stretcher Pliers
1 x Canvas Staple Gun
1 x Canvas Staple Gun – Staples 6mm (5000pk)
1 x Bradawl Point
1 x Contour Knife
1 x pack of 10 Contour Knife Blades


What is each item used for?

Canvas Stretcher Pliers – Used to pull the canvas tight in order to stretch it over canvas stretcher bars.

Canvas Staple Gun & Staples –  Once the stretcher pliers have pulled the canvas material tight, the staple gun is used to hold it in place. The staples are fired into the back of the canvas.

Bradawl – To create an indentation in the back of the frame in order for the easy insertion of the screws when applying canvas fixings and hanging fixings

Contour Knife & Blades – All general trimming of paper, tape and boards and excess canvas material.

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