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Learn the basics of framing with
Nick in Manchester

Click here to enrol in Manchester

High wycombe

Learn the basics of framing with
Linette in High Wycombe

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Learn the basics of framing with
Nick in Manchester

Click here to enrol in Manchester

High wycombe

Learn the basics of framing with
Linette in High Wycombe

Click here to enrol in High Wycombe

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Framing For Photographers

Go from the Hard drive to any wall

Never made a frame before?
Entering a photography competition?
Looking to offer your customers something extra special?

We have everything needed to help you do it yourself and a professional solution for every step.

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Clubs & competitions

Everything you need for photography competitions, including pre-cut materials, mounting tapes, and comprehensive guides to ensure you’re well-equipped and ready.

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Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash, view their work here:

Making your own frames

For photographers aiming to frame their own images, discover the basics, understand the process, and maximise the potential of your pictures.

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Professional framing services

Whether it’s a particularly special photo you’d like framed for yourself or you’re a professional photographer in need of a framing partner. Get in contact with us and find out what we can do for you.

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Framing for photography competitions

When preparing for a photography competition there are 3 main areas to pay attention to: 

  1. Printing:

    Where image quality is optimised, how much or how little?
  2. Presentation:

    How best to display your work
  3. Mounting:

    How to measure, cut, mount and display your photographs 

Depending on the level of competition, you could be able to gauge the standard of quality when it comes to printing. For the majority of competitions we offer a printing service using our Canon printer printing on Pearl 300gsm photo paper which is cost effective and great quality. 


When it comes to competitions most events have similar rules. Photograph and mount must be no larger than Size: 500 x 400mm. They may specify a colour for the mount, normally white or black. Orientation and border sizes tend not to matter as long they’re in proportion to the picture


To help you clearly understand how to mount your own picture here is a guide on how to mount your pictures for a photography competition.

Need help choosing a mount cutter?


Use our mount cutting service

Pre cut mounts

Mountboard cut to competition sizes in the most popular colours.
All you need to do is cut the the aperture and mount your photos.

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Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Mounting tapes & supplies

Save with our photography framing kit.
Everything you need to mount 10 photos for competitions

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£ 57 .49
£ 52 .99

Combine all the items above and save money by buying the Photographers mounting start kit. everything you need to mount and display your pictures like a professional.

  • pH neutral tape
  • Pre cut mountboard
  • Display bags
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Making your own frames

How to start your framing journey:

Take a framing course:

The best way to improve your skills is by enrolling on a framing course. Our tutors provide valuable insights into framing techniques, the tools required and a structured processes that minimise mistakes, saving you hours of self learning time and helping you master the art of framing with confidence.

Invest in the right tools & materials:

Essential tools such as mitre saws and Tab guns help to ensure precision and efficiency in frame construction. All of our tools & Materials are high quality, reliable and enhance the overall craftsmanship of your frames.

Take advantage of our cutting services:

Need a helping hand? Simplify the process by utilising our Online cutting services. Whether it’s cutting the frame, mount, glass or backing we have a cutting service available to help you.

Learn how to make frames

Learn by yourself

Do you enjoy a challenge and learning new skills? Take a look at our free PDF reference guides to help you with your framing projects at home.

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Framing courses

Sign up to our Art & Photography framing weekends and learn all about the tools, materials and techniques used in framing your photos and artworks.

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Ready to start making frames?
Get the essentials here


Material Cutting Services

Take advantage of our material cut to size services, all you need to do is measure and fill out the forms

Chop Service

Choose from any moulding in our range and get it cut perfectly to size.
We offer router and joining services for all Chop service mouldings!

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cut to size

Full range of colours, thicknesses and different core options all cut to the size you need, we can even cut the aperture for you!

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Glazing & Backing cut to size

Save space and time by getting your glazing, backing and conservation board cut to size

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Professional framing services

You know what makes a great photo, we can help you
make a frame that turns heads.

For one of a kind framing projects
visit our Bespoke framing service and
talk to an expert today

Visit Bespoke framing page

Volume & Trade framing

Looking for a reliable framing partner to manufacture and supply frames for your photography service, events or need a large quantity of frames quickly?

The only framing partner
you will ever need

For Photographers looking for a professional framing partner, All About Framing offers a variety of services to support your business.

  • Trade rates for regular framing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Larger range of frames to choose from
  • Part and fully assembled frames available

Other services

Frame pricing and management system

For Photographers who require 10 or more frames per week we offer a variety of solutions including pricing systems & order platforms that will allow your business to run smoothly and be handled by experts each step of the way. 

For more information get in contact

Email us with your requirements

Bulk framing

For large quantities of assembled or part assembled frames and components get if touch to find out what you could save.

Frames | Mounts | Backing | Glass 

For a quote, get in contact.

Email us with your requirements

Ready made frames

For standard sizes that are made from the same materials and experience as our bespoke framing service, visit our Ready made frame collection.

Discounts available for bulk buys

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