Hard Wall Picture Hooks

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A picture hook system designed to be used on hard surfaces. Moulded with high-grade polymer.

Walls made of concrete and hard bricks do not take kindly to standard long picture hook pins. The hooks have short hardened steel pins pre-loaded into the moulded plastic hook. Only a hammer is required to drive them into the hardest surfaces. They can usually be removed easily, leaving minimal marking. They are designed for use where the plaster is very thin, so that most of the pin length goes into the wall material. Wall surfaces vary, so always check before hanging a picture. Use cord or braided wire on the picture. Do not use these hooks for heavy or valuable pictures or where items underneath might get damaged.

Three sizes of hard wall hooks in the range, each with very sharp hardened steel pins:

Small, 24mm, with three 1.17mm x 12mm pins

Medium, 31mm, with four 1.17mm x 12mm pins and a hole for a picture pin

Large, 41mm, with four 1.37mm x 14mm pins and a hole for a picture pin

The hole is designed for a 25mm approx hardened picture pin. This can help secure the hook on some softer wall surfaces.

Available in packs of 10 or 100

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