301-1 Compact Classic Mount Cutter

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The Logan 301 compact classic mount cutter is perfect for the novice framer who needs to cut custom sized mounts from home but doesn’t want to spend to much.


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The Logan 301-1 Compact Classic is an exceptionally versatile, portable mount cutting system 81cm (32″) long. If you are needing to mount artwork on a regular basis, the Logan Compact represents a great buy for the home framer, as it provides affordable, professional results.

It provides affordable and professional results. It features:

  • an open ended guide rail allowing bevel cuts in mat boards of any size,
  • capacity to downsize mountboard up to 81.3 cm ( 32″),
  • a parallel mount guide for setting border widths from 19 mm (3/4″) to 114 mm (4.5″),
  • a spring loaded serrated guide rail to guide cutting heads,
  • a push style bevel cutting head with start and stop indicator,
  • a mat knife for downsizing mountboard and foamboard,
  • a built-in carry handle in box,

five extra blades included.

This system uses Logan 270 blades




301-1 Parts List

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