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Are you looking for the best mount cutter for your framing projects? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explain the different types of mount cutters available on the market, and we’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you. We’ll also discuss factors to consider when choosing a mount cutter, such as different budgets, size of work, and the quantity of jobs you plan to do. So whether you’re a professional picture framer, hobbyist or a DIYer, read on for all the information you need to choose the best mount cutter for your needs!

What Size Mount Cutter do you need?

The most important factor is anticipating the size of the mount you plan to cut as you cannot cut mounts bigger than the size of your mount cutter. For example, if you are going to be cutting large mounts over 81cm then you need to be looking at the larger mount cutters, these typically have a board size of 101cm (See the Logan Mount cutter 450 & 550 models). However, If you’re only looking to cut smaller mounts up to 81cm as a maximum board size will be fine (See the Logan Mount cutter 301 & 350 models).

How many Mounts will you cut and what is your budget ?

After you have established which size mount cutter you require, the choice is based on affordability and quantity you expect to cut.  For very light usage you can make do with less stability support meaning you can look at the cheaper handheld cutters available. Products like the Team systems 61cm & 101cm are the cheapest model but they do require a steady hand and good measuring techniques.

Team system 61cm & 101cm demos video

If you feel you may require more stability and  support then you should keep an eye out for mount cutters with items like the Straight cutter, production stops, pull cutters and squaring arms which all assist in providing a more supported cut also allowing you to cut fast if you have larger quantities.

For modern usage or if you would prefer additional support, I would recommend looking for systems with handheld straight cutters and production stops as a minimum, the Logan Mount cutter 350, 450 & 550 models all provide these features. As you move up the models the level of stability increases and most of the systems include Production stops and a straight cutter as standard.

The squaring arm/ bar allows you to be sure you’re cutting at a square angle. The Squaring arm offers a much larger and more accurate guide than the squaring bar and extends out by 68cm and can also be used as a measuring arm. The Squaring bar on the other hand does not extend out and offers only a small bar to push your mount against in order to make sure your mount is square before cutting.

Mount Cutter Comparison Table

Product nameProduct imageMaximum board sizeMaximum board sizeStraight cutterPush or pull cutterProduction stopsSquaring bar or armPrice
Logan Team Systems – 61cm61cmN/APush£64.99
Logan Team Systems – 101cm101cmN/APush£84.99
Logan Compact classic 301-1 81cm114mmPush£165.00
Logan Compact Elite 350-1 81cm114mmPushSquaring Bar£199.00
Logan Artist Elite 450-1 101cm140mmPullSquaring Bar£314.99
Logan Simplex Classic 550-1101cm140mmPullSquaring Arm£419.99
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Which Mount Cutter Will You Choose?

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