3T T-Screw Anti Theft Kit

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These fixings are perfect for when pictures are hang in public places.

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Fix three Slotted Plates to the back of the frame and insert three T-screws into matching positions in the wall.

The bag contains 3 slotted plates + 6 screws, 3 T-screws and 3 fat wall plugs.

T-Screw is turned with a T-screw spanner which slips behind the frame. When turned it locks into the slotted plate on a wooden frame or into the channel of an aluminium frame. Can then only be released with a similar spanner.

This hidden fixing makes the frame safe and secure on the wall.

More Information:

Two Slotted Plates are screwed one each to either side or spaced across the top of the frame. The third plate is screwed centrally to the bottom bar. The frame fits over three T Screws in matching positions on the wall. Measure between the upper slotted plates and plan where to mark the wall for the holes for the matching T Screws. Post-its can help when marking the wall. Hang the frame temporarily on those two T Screws. Installers now need to locate and mark the position for the bottom T Screw. A Post-it placed in the approximate position can take pencil marking. Another option is the T Screw Companion which clips into the Slotted Plate and when the frame is pressed, leaves a dimple on the wall.  Once marked, remove the frame, drill and install the third T Screw. Finally, position the frame on all three T Screws and lock with the spanner. The 3 T Screw system is completely hidden yet makes the frame safe and secure on the wall. No ugly picture plates sticking out from either side.

Untested weight limit of approx 25kg.

Each bag contains:

For one frame

3 x Slotted Plates

3 x T Screws 

6 x screws

3 x wall plugs

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