Picture Framing Glass, How to choose the best option for your artwork

There are many factors to consider when selecting your Picture Framing glass. The glass itself is responsible for both protecting your artwork and allowing it to be seen clearly. The type of artwork and where it will be displayed are also important factors to take into consideration when choosing framing glass. Below I have listed some key factors to help you make this decision.

Image demonstrates the difference in quality between Picture Framing Glass made by ARTGLASS vs Regular glass
The ArtGlass range of Picture framing glass offers superior protection for your artwork

Is it valuable or irreplaceable?

The first thing to consider is whether or not your art piece is valuable and/or irreplaceable. If it’s something you have had for years or cost a considerable amount of money and the thought of ever losing it makes you feel sick to your stomach then you need to protect it. You should start by looking for a glass that has a high UV rating, this will protect it against sunlight damage which is the biggest threat to artwork.

Example of sun damaged picture due to using glass without UV protection
Pictures and artwork framed without picture framing glass will fade over time

How light is the room that it’s going in?

If you are displaying your art in a room with lots of natural light then you will want to choose glass that has high UV protection and a Low Reflective rating. The high UV properties of the glass will protect against the sunlight and the Low reflective rating will give the glass an invisible appearance.

What is your budget?

Ultimately it comes down to what you’re willing to spend as the range between them can differ. The table below will help explain this:

Product Name:Plain GlassUV PlainLow Reflective InvisibleUV ClarityUV Museum
UV Protection99%70%92%99%
Light Reflection~8%~8%~1%~1%~1%
Light Transmission~89%~98%~98%~97%
Price per sheet£14.99£44.99£65.99£124.99£159.00
(If using mobile scroll right – to see all 5 products in table)

Which Picture Framing glass Is best for me?

To help you decide on which Picture framing glass is best for your artwork, we have created a simple guide for you.

Images provided by ARTGLASS

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