Packaging & Protection

Keep your frames safe and in pristine condition while in transit

Protect your frames.

Thinking of moving house or maybe giving a framed picture to a customer or friend? Transporting it without the appropriate packaging puts the frame at a high risk of damage.
Many frames feature mouldings with smooth painted or shiny surfaces that can be damaged at the smallest movements, damage to the fittings for hanging and the frames corners are also common mishaps. For minimal cost and effort you can protect your frames when transporting them, ensuring they arrive looking perfect!

In this section, you’ll find all the general workshop tools required to complete and assist with the majority of simple tasks. Some items could help save time and may even save your stress levels.

General workshop items

Handy hints for wrapping frames

Top sellers in general workshop items

  • Workbench

    This workbench is economical, durable and easy to assemble. It is set at a standard 900mm work height – perfect for most applications. No nuts or bolts – just simple ‘tap-together’ – the only tool you need is a rubber mallet. Overall dimensions 900mm H, 1400mm L, 600mm W. There is an additional standard carriage charge on this item due to the weight.

    £199.00 inc. VAT
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  • A1 Self Healing Cutting Mat

    The A1 cutting mat has a smooth surface allowing fine blades to penetrate without blunting. The gel core ensures that light, fine cuts into its surface “heal”.

    £29.99 inc. VAT
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  • Logan 500 Craft Knife

    The Logan 500 Mat Knife now features a quick adjustment, blade holding knob. This knob allows a user quickly to loosen the blade from one depth setting and reset in seconds. The knife features three depth settings: safety, single sheet, and double thick.

    £14.99 inc. VAT
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  • Rubber Roller 100 mm (4″)

    Hand held medium rubber roller for pressing and sticking self adhesive boards and tapes -100mm wide..

    £10.99 inc. VAT
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  • Rubber Roller 200 mm (7.9″)

    Hand held large rubber roller for pressing and sticking self adhesive boards and tapes -200mm wide..

    £14.99 inc. VAT
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