How to choose a moulding range for your gallery

Moulding Chevrons are the selling tools of the framing trade, they allow us to create ideas and new design concepts that change the way we view art. Having a good Chevrons wall in my opinion can either mean make or break your framing business in our industry.

So how can we make sure we are choosing the right mouldings to display on our wall?

In order to create the best options I split the range into 70/30. 70% of your mouldings are going to be known as a Core Range and the other 30% is your more specialised, high valued mouldings. Let’s start with the Core range…

First things first, start by keeping it simple. Look at creating a core range of moulding that offers a stable and affordable service. These mouldings will make up roughly 70% of your range and 80% or your orders.

Here are 5 tips to think about when designing your Core range:

  1. Choose core mouldings that are well established amongst other suppliers – They can be easily sourced if your supplier is out of stock.
  2. Make sure you have a good variety of mouldings in the following ranges: Smooth black/white, Grain black/white, Dark and Decorative Woods, Coloured, Silvers & Golds.
  3. Offer the same profiles of mouldings but in the opposite colours – try use symmetry between the opposite colours, this can have an effect on the brain that becomes pleasing to the human eye as our brains are programmed to recognise them easily.
  4. Be sure to offer a good range of Moulding profiles , specifically in the black and whites. The different variety of profiles will allow for different types of framing(especially when framing objects, you will require deep rebate mouldings)
  5. Choose moulding that aren’t expensive as you’ll limit how much stock you can afford if they are expensive.

Add in the WOW! Factor

Once you have established your core range it’s then time to find some more elaborate, specialised mouldings. These mouldings might not sell much but they do help to bring a bit more wow to your wall. For these Chevrons you only need 100-150 chevrons(roughly 30% of your over all range) and when displaying them keep them in their family ranges to create an organised look.

Here are some range examples

Soho Range

Photo From Larson Juhl Catalogue

Brittany Range

Photo From Larson Juhl Catalogue

Murcia Range

Photo From Larson Juhl Catalogue


Photo From Larson Juhl Catalogue

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