Wall Displays, 5 Tips to stop Picture Frames from tilting

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I stop picture frames from tilting when I display them on my wall?” well you’re in luck because being a framer, It is a pet peeve of mine! To help you rid your walls of wonky pictures, here are 5 tips that we use to stop picture frames from tilting.

1. Make sure your hanging cord is tight and secure.

If the cord is slack, this will cause the frame tilt forward, which will look aesthetically displeasing next to other frames hung on display, additionally If the cord is not tight enough it can rise to the top of the frame and expose hooks and cords, pulling attention away from your picture.

2. Switch out old methods for new ones!

Reusing old frames can be a great way to save money however, they often come with old and out dated ways of hanging them as well. Methods like screw eyes and brass wire tend to stick out the back of the frame encouraging the frame to tilt forward. Replacing old fittings with d-rings and cords, is often the quickest and easiest way to stop picture frames from tilting.

Fixings for wooden frames every size

3. Check where the fixings are positioned.

The frame will tilt forward if the hanging hardware is in the middle of the back of the frame because of the weight from top part of it. By attaching the fixings higher up, it decreases the weight of the top and allows for a flush fit against the wall.

4. Instead of using one connection point to hang the frame, use two.

Two connection points located near the edges of the frame help to take some of the stress off of the middle section of the cord. Cord can stretch to some degree, but using two connection points will help distribute the tension more evenly.

5. Use distancing caps!

This final tip to stop picture frames from tilting is to use distancing caps, these caps will keep your frames the perfect distance from the wall.
Small and discreet caps are self adhesive to allow for easy application to the bottom of the frame, additionally to maintaining the ideal distance from the wall they are made from a soft material preventing damage to both the frame and the wall.
Available in packs of 4 (13mm deep x 18mm wide)

Image courtesy of STAS hanging systems

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