Magazine Project

I recently had a family member task me with framing a 6 page article in a Magazine. On top of that, he didn’t give me any indication as to where it was going in his house or what colours/themes he wanted. Cheers Derek!

Here’s how I turned a pile of magazines into something that can be admired for years to come.

I started by designing the mount layout and for this project, I was insteadly pulled toward a double mount which I could use to compliment the main reason for the article, the van. I matched a colour of blue (Royal Blue – SSS008054) to the van, this would be my Bottom Mount. For my Top Mount I decided to use a neutral white as it helps really show off the bottom “Blue” mount and I also thought a deep mount would add to the overall effect so I ended up with mountboard: Hayseed 2.4mm (SSS058065).

However, once I had decided this, there still seemed to be something missing. With a Magazine having many lines, letters & borders I thought that maybe a Blackcore mountboard might just create some strong lines making the magazines stand out more, and it did. But now I had 3 mounts and it seemed quite intense, so we added in a shadow using 5mm foamcore between the double mount and the blackcore mount which added an additional wow factor to the piece.

For anyone doing their own framing on a regular basis, I would recommend getting a chevron set of the mount boards. They really help when trying to match colours and figure out mount layouts.

When choosing this moulding I thought about the look and feel of our customers’ (family’s) house. They have lots of wooden features and a very strong country vibe throughout, this led me to visit a range by larson juhl known as, Dresen. I ended up choosing moulding 438120 from this collection. This range is personally one of my favourites however, It isn’t one of our stocked mouldings which means we have to order it in specially. It’s also pretty expensive at around £70.00 inc vat per pack(6 metres) to trade alone.

Next, I chose the glass. On this occasion I went for Low reflection invisible 2mm glass, which has 70% UV protection and is incredibly clear, hence the “Invisible”. For more details on how to choose glass read the full article on How to choose the right glass for the job

By the time I had finished the planning, I ended up with the following material breakdown:

Moulding:  438120

The picture below may help you understand this more:

Here is where you can find all of these materials:

Moulding: Email in to All about framing for special order moulding.
Mountboard: Email in for a cutting service
Glass: Glass cutting service (email in)
Foamcore: Buy as a sheet of adhesive 5mm foam core (buy online)
Layon: Buy as a sheet of mountboard (buy online)
Backing board: buy as a sheet of Kraft backing board (buy online)
Fixings: Strap Hangers (HE0010MA)

To assemble this yourself, all you will need is a hammer, for the chop and router service(see video if unsure). Ph7-70 tape for attaching the magazine, Ph7-70 double sided tape for connecting the double mounts, foam core together.  Glass cleaner and wipes to give the glass a good clean before assembling and a tab gun to hold all the materials in place.  Lastly to finish off, frame backing tape to seal in the materials and to prevent dust particles from getting in.

Top tip:

When it comes to framing a magazine a simple trick (If the rest of the magazine isn’t important) Is to take out the pages you require and leave the rest of the magazine.

It will save time building a structure inside the frame to support the rest of the magazine

The finished piece…

If you want to learn more about Basic framing then we highly recommend attending one of our weekend courses which will give you the knowledge to be able to frame projects like this.

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