“This frame holds some very special memories for myself and my Wife”.

It all started with her birthday, with a surprise holiday to the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany.
From the moment we arrived our days were full of activities like canyoning, hiking, paddle boarding and mountain biking all lined up, we spent our evenings having BBQs and watching the incredible sunsets behind the stunning Neuschwanstein fairy tale castle.
Neither of us wanted the trip to to end but like all good things it would have to, or did it? I had an idea when we returned home of how we could continue to enjoy our holiday even after we left..

We returned from our 5 day trip and I realised that we had a collection of brilliant photos, I knew straight away that they needed to be framed so we could remember our time together and share the beautiful sights we saw on the holiday. Because we built the frame together and we chose a multi aperture design we can continue to enjoy our memories of this holiday like it was only yesterday we there.

How did I make the frame?

Realising that I had no framing equipment, I decided to take advantage of the services offered by All About Framing
to order all of the materials cut to size through. Here is the process I used to order the materials:

Moulding: Chop & router service
Mountboard: Mount cutting service (Email in)
Glass: Glass cutting service (Email in)
Foamcore: Buy sheets of foamcore (Order online)
Layon: Buy as a sheet of mountboard (Order online)
Backing board: Buy as a sheet of Kraft backing board (Order online)

Have your measurements ready for the team at All About Framing and they will cut it all to a professional quality!

The materials I used:

Once I had everything, the frame was assembled in the order shown in the image above. The only tool I had to purchase was the Tab gun for hold the frame contents in place. Other supplies such as Acid free tape(Ph7-70 hinging tape) for attaching the photographs, Frame backing tape for sealing the back of the frame and Hanging fixings to hang your frame are well worth getting as well.

For more information on assembling the frame contents you can download these free handy hint sheets:

If you want to understand how to complete framing projects like this then have a look at getting youโ€™re on a framing course where you can learn how to build these types of frames yourself.

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